About Us

Since the early 1970’s, Murphy’s Bits has been selling quality drill bits to the oil field, water well, mining and geothermal industries. We started out in a garage and now we are the largest wholesale distributor of quality drill bits in America. We travel to all corners of the globe buying used American made bits that can be refurbished in our facility.

Our employees average over 25 years of experience in cutting structure repair. We are proud to have the best retipping in the industry. Murphy’s Bits sells new and used tri-cone bits as well as step and chevron bits. We manufacture hole openers andahostofotherspecialtybits. We carry used PDC bits and in 2014 began to manufacture our own line of PDC bits called Blue Diamond. We also pay top dollar for your junk or surplus bits. Murphy’s Bits is one of the largest recyclers of tungsten carbide. We sell only drill bits; it is our passion and what we know.

Our goal is to deliver the best drill bit available to maximize the profits of our customers. We believe in service after the sale and we willbe there to give you support for our products. We look forward to many years of serving you!